2 Mega Pixel Camera
360 Degrees Panoramic Camera
Day & Night Vision
Two Way Audio System
Alarm System
Multi-User Interface
Bilateral Phonetic
1 Year Warranty
Uninterrupted Power Supply ( T&C Apply)
Up to 128 Memory Capacity
Mobile and Portable
Video Playback Download
Wifi enabled
Self Help Videos Inclusive



This device is regarded as the mother of all cameras. Today, institutions of all kinds – especially homes, SMEs, Fortune Five Hundred multinationals, financial institutions, mega business outfits, government entities, electoral processes and e-voting, e-government operations, banking and finance, sports complexes and stadia, airports, hospitality and entertainment centres, shopping malls, mass transport facilities, and others such as hospitals, courtrooms, server rooms,  automated systems and military bases, etc, are being challenged to install video surveillance in areas that are too complex and remote, too costly or physically impossible to reach with traditional monitoring methods. To resolve the above challenges, IP-centric wired/wireless security/surveillance solutions can be deployed to help leap over those barriers.

Services include free after sales consultation for 6 months after device purchase.


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