About us

Our core values


Our desire to pursue success is evident in how we passionately provide technological solutions


We are trustworthy, honest and truthful. This gives rise to our perfect moral compass geared towards our customers, stakeholders and employees


Our brilliant mix of focus and passion gives us the ability to guide our operations towards attaining our common goal.

Customer Centricity

An arsenal of all values put together ensures that our customers are remarkably satisfied

Who is Wolcott Niepce Limited?

Wolcott Niepce Ltd is a Nigerian based technology company. This company came into being to do business with a device for cars which it partly invented and to fill a lacuna eating deep within our society. The presence of an authority, the chaos caused by “NO ONE IS WATCHING’’ attitude.

Why do you need Wolcott Niepce?

Protection against traffic and insurance fraud
ID of thieves and traffic pilferers will be captured 1st hand.
1st hand witnessing of road crashes and detection of causation.

Why we are here?

…To deliver unequalled security solutions through technology while moving to becoming the leading cutting edge security tech solution provider in Africa one solution at a time.