Wolcott Niepce LTD is a Nigerian based technology company incorporated in 2016. This company came into being to grant security through technology. To fill the lacuna caused by the absence of an authority and to resolve the chaos caused by the “No one is watching attitude”.

Our Offerings

Forensic Data Analysis

We have a team of professionals who analyze causation data gathered from vehicles that have our products installed on them.

Forensic Data Analysis

Visual Tracking Solutions

With the aid of an app installed on your mobile device, individuals can monitor their cars with real-time visuals. In addition we ensure the storage and security of your data by providing seamlessly accessible cloud services.

Visual Tracking Solutions

Security Consultancy

Security strategies and project monitoring services are proferred to contract employees who outsource their security.

Security Consultancy

Bespoke Technologiccal Solutions

Customized security devices and applications built to cater to the varied and unique needs of our client base. You ask, we design, we develop, we test and we implement. Everyone has an opinion; but when you speak we listen.

Bespoke Technological Solutions

Our KVSERIES cameras, takes into event all activities that comes within its 170 degree angle eye. Driving reviews, safety and security can never be over emphasized.

Model: KV360i

Keeping an eye on the drivers of your company fleet is a necessity. The KV360I grants real time visuals of your vehicles, irrespective of their location.

Alert notifications will be sent to your device upon ignition or any irregular movement in your car, giving you an omni present feel even in your absence.

This device gives you easy monitoring for the appraisal of your fleet drivers.

Has there been suspicious movements in your driver’s activities? This device will assist record the speed and entire movement of the car on a map from the previous day. This will assist in profiling your drivers and know which has an appetite for speed

Model: KV360

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